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Strong together: ProGlove and UI5 Converter

A small step for us, a giant leap for ergonomics in your warehouse!

The importance of ergonomics in the workplace has significantly increased in recent years, especially in warehouses. Employees are subjected to physical strains, and throughput times have become a crucial economic factor. Through the partnership between ProGlove and triron, a significant advancement in workplace ergonomics is achieved, which will revolutionize your warehouse logistics. The ProGlove scanner, worn on the back of the hand, combined with the latest features of the UI5 Converter, offers numerous advantages that can significantly enhance the efficiency of your employees and reduce physical strains.

Hands-Free for Clean and Uninterrupted Work

One of the biggest challenges in warehouse operations is maximizing efficiency without compromising employee health and safety. This is where the ProGlove scanner comes into play. Its ergonomic design and one-handed operation allows employees to work hands-free, significantly improving workflow. The easy to set-up Bluetooth connection reliably pairs the ProGlove scanner with the existing mobile data collection device (MDE), whether it is worn on the belt or forearm, or if installed on a cart or vehicle. This flexibility ensures that employees are always optimally equipped to perform their tasks efficiently.

Important Information at a Glance

In a hectic warehouse environment, it is crucial to quickly and easily retrieve and display important information. The ProGlove scanner features a power-saving e-ink display that is easy to read in all lighting conditions. This display is ergonomically placed on the back of the hand, allowing employees to capture all relevant data at a glance without the need for additional devices.

Perfectly Integrated into the Workflow

The integration of the scanner into the workflow is seamless. The built-in 2D imager and the trigger integrated into the wrist cuff makes scanning an effortless part of the workflow. This ensures that employees can continue their work without interruptions, thereby increasing productivity.

Versatile Applications for Various Work Areas

Another advantage of ProGlove is its versatility; the MDE can be installed on forklifts or picking carts due to its range of up to 20 meters and comfortably operated from a distance using the ProGlove scanner. This reduces unnecessary handling of goods and access to the MDE, saving valuable time.

Flexibility at Any Time

The fields displayed on the scanner are not enough? No problem – switch back to the MDE or tablet at any time to retrieve additional data. This provides high flexibility and ensures that your employees always have the information they need at hand. The seamless transition between different devices allows even non-standard processes to be easily managed and implemented. This way, you always have full control over the processes in your intralogistics and can ensure that all tasks are performed efficiently and accurately. Additionally, thanks to the UI5 Converter, you gain the ability to display even images and PDFs, such as delivery notes or packaging instructions, on the MDE.

Solutions for Longer Scanning Distances

Not every warehouse has the same requirements, and for environments that require longer scanning distances, the ProGlove Mark 3 is the ideal solution. With a range of up to 12 meters, this scanning engine is perfect for warehouses with large shelving systems or block storage with long distances between the objects to be scanned. This enables employees to work efficiently even in large warehouses.

Individual Configuration of the ProGlove Scanner with the UI5 Converter

Determine the content and processes on the ProGlove scanner yourself without the need for a custom interface or additional development effort. With the integrated configuration option of the UI5 Converter for ProGlove, you choose from the available information what the employees should see on the e-ink display. Additionally, you have the option to assign actions such as "Enter" or "Back" to the ergonomically placed thumb button. The simple configuration also relieves your IT department, freeing up capacity for the optimization of other areas.

Convince Yourself

Nothing is more convincing than personal experience! "Hands on! – Experiencing is better than reading!" Therefore, we offer you and your employees the opportunity to experience the advantages of this ideal combination through a trial installation. Experience in your own warehouse how easy it is to integrate ProGlove devices into the existing process thanks to the UI5 Converter!


The partnership between ProGlove and triron is a significant step towards better ergonomics and higher efficiency in warehouse environments and intralogistics processes. With the innovative technology of the ProGlove scanner and the user-friendly features of the UI5 Converter, warehouse work becomes not only more ergonomic but also more productive. Hands-free operation, important information at a glance, and seamless integration into the workflow are just some of the many advantages this combination offers.

ProGlove and the UI5 Converter, a strong team for your logistics... take off with us!

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