triron AG

We take your logistics to the next level - it becomes more digital! Our hardware and software components complete your digital strategy.

With our cross-industry experience, we at triron know that a business management process in intralogistics must be considered in its entirety: Process, as well as hardware and software deployment intertwine. The optimisation of IT processes and increasing digitalisation only lead to massive increases in productivity if the end users and their needs are included in the considerations right from the start. The most beautiful process does not bring the hoped-for success if the users in the warehouse enter data incorrectly, awkwardly or too late.  

For this reason, we have seen it as our task since 2008 to offer warehouse and logistics staff a practical unit of equipment and software that manages to do both: making work easier and increasing efficiency. The know-how of our motivated staff reflects the experience gained from numerous logistics projects. With us, you achieve pragmatic and reliable processes in your logistics.  

With our smart IT solutions, you gain valuable time.
And with this time you can bring your ideas to life - despite daily business!