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Welcome to the

UI5 Converter Learning Hub

Keep yourself informed and up-to-date right here! Explore our latest videos for an in-depth understanding of the UI5 Converter and ensure you don't overlook any recent developments. Immerse yourself and expand your knowledge!


UI5 Converter Wizard

  • With the UI5 Converter Wizard, you have the option of further optimizing your generated app simply and easily with an editor.
  • For example, change label texts and input types, add icons to make the application more appealing and clearer or simply hide unused elements.
  • Customize your app exactly as you wish, without programming know-how or in-depth SAP knowledge.


Integration of the device camera

  • Take the opportunity to increase your process reliability and integrate the device camera directly into the process of the mobile UI5 app.
  • For example, add the camera function to incoming goods to document damaged goods.
  • The UI5 Converter photo function saves you time, no more need to search for a digital camera or manually upload files.


Demo generating process

  • The foundation of your new mobile app with the UI5 Converter is the generation. In this demo video you will learn more about the generation process and the basics of conversion.
  • You will also learn more about the core functionalities of the automatically generated UI5 app and gain insight into a converted EWM-RF UI5 app.
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